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Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is an extremely itchy rash that develops when someone comes into contact with a substance to which he or she is allergic. These substances or allergens—including things like poison ivy, fragrances, metals, rubber and additives found in food or medications—are harmless to most people but trigger immune reactions in those who are sensitive. Only a tiny amount of an allergen can trigger a reaction. Usually repeated exposures to an allergen are required to develop an allergy. Most people might be exposed to an allergen for years before finally developing an allergy. Once allergic to a particular substance, the person usually remains allergic for life.

Corederm’s professionals can prescribe oral and/or topical medications to control the itchiness and pain of contact dermatitis. If the cause isn’t known, Corederm can conduct an allergy test, called patch testing, to determine what substance(s) cause a patient’s allergic reaction.